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Prüfstand für Falltest

Gewicht: (1 ± 0,02) kg

Durchmesser:  (80 ± 2) mm


  • BS EN 71-1:2014+A1:2018

    Sicherheit von Spielzeug. Mechanische und physikalische Eigenschaften

  • Place the toy, or the relevant toy component, in its most demanding position on a plane horizontal steel surface and drop a metallic Weight with a mass of (1 ± 0,02) kg,  
    distributed over an area with a diameter of (80 ± 2) mm, through a distance of (100 ± 2) mm on to the toy. The weight shall be vertically guided during its entire fall to ensure Consistency in the application of the test. The guidance system should, as far as possible, be friction-free. Perform the test once.

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