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This testing equipment is used to testing a vehicle for durability in a kerb mounting. The test vehicle is placed on a firm level floor with fixed handles well, then raise and lowered at a test speed for a specified number of cycles using that force and angle of application, examine for any structural failure after the test is finished. This tester is designed the handle height & width adjustment function, meanwhile, equips three sizes of fixtures, which is able to suit different vehicle handle test demand.

Baby Stroller Kerb Mounting Durability Testing Machine

  • ● The structure of the machine is stable and moveable with four-foot wheels.

    Customers can freely adjust the fixture to an appropriate position so that handle can be fixed well with it.

      three sizes of fixtures meet small, medium, large handles.

    PLC touch screen makes the operation easy and smart.

    ● The actuator reset function can self-learn to determine the raising & lowering of the height.

    ● The machine can be disassembled into two parts for easy export and freight charge saving.  

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