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This equipment is primarily utilized for testing baby and infant safety gates and barriers. It is a versatile testing machine that fulfills various testing functions. The machine incorporates three testing methods: pull-push test, rattle test, and ball impact test. By replicating the actions of babies constantly pushing, pulling, and impacting the safety gate in their daily lives, this test evaluates the fatigue performance of the safety gate.

Safety Gates and Barrier Tester

    • In the ball impact test and push-pull test, the fixture's position adjustment to accommodate different samples is achieved through electric adjustments, saving time and effort.
    • The utilization of both air cylinders and electric cylinders in combination delivers ample power for testing force, testing, and actions, guaranteeing stability and smooth operation throughout the testing process.
    • The rattle test module and the pull-push test module are mounted on a sliding test platform, allowing users to easily move them to the appropriate testing positions.
    • For the pull-push test, the pull & push force can adjust individually by tuning the air regulator pressure. A set of force load cell provided to calibrate the output force of the actuator.
    • For ball impact test, the impact angle available are 80 degrees, 120 degrees, and 150 degrees.
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