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Diese Maschine dient zum Testen der Ringstauchfestigkeit von Karton. Mit entsprechendem Zubehör (optional) ist es auch möglich, die Säulenkompresse, Ringquetschung, Concoraquetschung und Haftfestigkeit der Wellpappe zu testen.

Micro-Computer Edge Crush Tester (Touchscreen)

  • DIN EN ISO 3037 /  TAPPI-T472; T808, T810, T811, T818

    • The system automatically calculates the ring pressure strength, side pressure strength without human hand calculation.
    • Comes with package stacking test function, supports strength & time setting. Machine automatically be shut down after the test is completed.
    • Fully automatic operation. Automatic stop and reset to the zero position after the test is finished.
    • Three kinds of configurable speed, English operation interface. A variety of units can be chosen.
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