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This equipment is to determine the spring bolt functional property. It is accordance with the test method described in BS 5872 A.17. This equipment is primarily intended for use in housing (Category A) and public building (Category B) locks and latches. It adopts HMI system, and the testing program is pre-install into the PLC system, customer can freely set the test parameters.  

Lock Spring Bolt Tester

  • ● Using the striking plate to depress the spring bolt leading the action smooth.      

    This equipment can record and save 10 test results with one batch. The machine will reserve the current data if the test is paused in the middle. Users can continue the test next time, no need to reset. Meanwhile, you can check the previous data.

    The test report can be printed by the built-in printer.

    Users can flexibly adjust the test position by moving the lock mounting block.

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