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The test stand enables both durability, hardness, bed edge tests according to ASTM F1566 and EN 1957 through rollator device (six-sided rollator & round rollator), hardness measuring device (Indentor) and edge measuring device (loading pad) in one stop without the need for a rearrangement of specimen.

Combined Test Stand for Mattress Durability & Hardness & Bed Edge

    • The whole testing process is fully automatic. Users just need to select the test, then input the correct size of mattress, mattress will be moved to the inspection point and centering without manual operation.
    • The machine can not only run durability, hardness, bed edge test individually but also the integrated test of "Durability-Hardness" & " Bed edge- Hardness".
    • Dual control mode of “PLC+PC”. PLC is for operation; PC is for data analysis.
    • Our indicator light will flash three colors to guide users the current test status.
    • During the test, the real-time test curve can help users monitor the test process better.
    • The test analysis software is windows based and integrated with Microsoft Excel/Word/PDF for data manipulation /graphical representation/ test reporting and Access for data storage. Available for supporting USB export the report.
    • Machine is assembled in three pieces, it’s simple to install for customer.
    • EN 1957
    • ASTM F1566
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