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The machine is designed to evaluate the ability of the chair to withstand heavy and abusive impact forces on the seat. It is suitable for all chair types, such as office chair, outdoor chair, folding chair, swivel chair etc. Three test functions of Functional Load Test, Proof Load Test, and Impact (Cycling) Test. The load test procedure is that a test bag weighing 102 kg or 136kg drops one cycle only to the seat surface from 152mm height. The impact test is the test bag loaded 57kg drops 100,000 cycles at the distance of 30mm from the seat surface. Finally, machine support users preset the value of loss of seat height, when the chair occurs height loss, the machine can check it and will stop the test.

Chair Impact Tester

  • ● The structure of the machine is stable and the wiring is neat.

    Using the servo electric actuator drives the impact motion, no air connection is required.

    The single rod design with frictionless bearing to has better performance than the double rod guiding system.

    ● Floor construct with 10mm steel plate with threaded holes to mount the stopper in order to prevent the movement of the test specimen during the test.  

    ● Test bag adopts opens with no cover, it’s convenient for users freely add the weight packets into it according to different test requirements. 

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