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This tester is designed for measuring the bottom thickness of cookware and is applicable for frying pan, baking pan and other kinds of pan. The tester consists of four glass rods arranged in a triangle, the three rods outside support the middle measurement rod to stably test on the cookware inner surface, customers separately carry out one test before and after the cookware is used, then adopting the digital dial indicator to record the value of thickness, observing whether the thickness value changes or not.

Bottom Thickness Tester

  •  ●The tester’s operation is user-friendly.

    ● Adopting the high-precision digital dial indicator to display the result value.

    Customers can freely adjust three rods’ position by tuning the knob easily according the test surface’s size, the adjustment range is from 5cm-16cm.

    On the three sides of the tester, it equips the iron ruler with scale value at each side, which ensures the accuracy of the rod's position during its adjusting.

    ● Due to the measuring rod is made of glass, we designed a protective cover to hold this tester when not using.

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