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This testing equipment is of three test functions, it can be used to do the drop impact and fatigue test of baby cot, moreover, the seat fatigue test is available. Three tests can be performed separately or simultaneously in conformity to their specified requirements.  All parameters support self-define.

Baby Cot Integrated Test Rack

  • ● The structure of the machine is stable, wiring neat.

    Three test functions can be optional, each of them adopts the module assemble way with their own independent air source port, which is easily adjusted to the appropriate test position based on different specimens by turning the knob.

    The PLC touch screen makes the operation easy and smart.

    ● In the drop impact test, the single rod design with frictionless bearing to have better performance than the double rod guiding system.

  • ASTM F1169

    ASTM F406

    EN 1130

    AS/NZS 2195:2010 Appendix D.E.F

    AS/NZS 2172:2013 Appendix B

    AS/NZS 4688-2-2000 Clause 7.5

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